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btw in NH for a month with limited wifi I’m still alive tho promise

can’t sleep. I leave for NH tomorrow. I’ll be there for a month. The string quartet I’m writing in my spare time is moving along slowly but surely. Right now it’s kind of all over the place. Today’s voice lesson struck a nerve in the self awareness department. These past two weeks have done that, really. I just feel stuck, and these feelings aren’t leaving me alone by morning like they used to. Chin up. ___ I’ll try to sleep now.

I can’t imagine what my school friends must have thought was going on because I was wandering around in some kind of dream. I felt as though my insides had been taken out which is, I now realize, the right feeling.
-Simon Rattle on hearing his first Mahler Symphony, aged 10.  (via shyambhatt)
That’s why Bach wrote so much music, because he didn’t have any friends
-The Grey Wolf (via whyamiamusicmajor)

(Source: sarah-sings-her-life-away, via obsessedviolinist)

Arcade Fire